Brush Cleanser - Extend the life of your high-quality Brushes

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Keep your beloved brushes in pristine condition with our Brush Cleanser. Formulated to remove makeup residue, oils, and impurities gently yet effectively from bristles, our cleanser helps extend the lifespan of your high-quality brushes, ensuring they perform at their best every time. Regular cleaning not only prevents product buildup but also helps maintain the softness and shape of the bristles, allowing for flawless makeup application.

Our gentle formula is suitable for all brush types, including synthetic and natural fibers, and leaves behind a refreshing scent. Elevate your beauty routine and invest in the longevity of your brushes with our Brush Cleanser today.


GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE: Removes makeup residue, oils, and impurities without damaging bristles.
EXTENDS BRUSH LIFESPAN: Regular use helps prolong the life of your brushes.
MAINTAINS BRUSH SOFTNESS: Prevents bristles from becoming stiff or coarse over time.
PRESERVES BRUSH SHAPE: Helps brushes maintain their original shape for precise application.
SUITABLE FOR ALL BRUSH TYPES: Works well with synthetic and natural fiber brushes.
REFRESHING SCENT: Leaves brushes smelling clean and fresh after each use.

EASY TO USE: Simply spray the brush cleanser onto a tissue. Then, gently rub your make-up brushes over the tissue. Voila! Your brushes are now clean and ready to use.