Magic drops + Sea lit - Waterproof* serum and Makeup Sealer Combo

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Experience ultimate beauty synergy with our Magic Drops + Sea Lit Waterproof Serum and Makeup Sealer Combo. This powerful duo combines the hydrating and radiant properties of Magic Drops Waterproof Serum with the long-lasting makeup-sealing capabilities of Sea Lit Makeup Sealer.

Apply Magic Drops to enhance skin radiance and waterproof*, then lock in your makeup look with Sea Lit Makeup Sealer for all-day wear. Whether facing a busy day or a night out, this combo ensures your makeup remains fresh and flawless. Elevate your beauty routine with Magic Drops + Sea Lit for the perfect blend of radiance and longevity.

Combo Features:

HYDRATE & RADIATE: Magic Drops provide hydration and radiance for a luminous complexion.
LONG-LASTING WEAR: Sea Lit Makeup Sealer locks in makeup for extended wear, ensuring it stays put.
WATERPROOF* FORMULA: Formulated to withstand water, sweat, and humidity for all-day perfection.
SEAL IN BEAUTY: Magic Drops and Sea Lit combine to seal in your makeup look for flawless results.
VERSATILE COMBO: Suitable for all occasions, from everyday wear to special events.
ENHANCED RADIANCE: Magic Drops enhance the natural radiance of your skin for a glowing complexion.
FLAWLESS MAKEUP APPLICATION: Achieve flawless makeup application with the Magic Drops and Sea Lit combo.

This combo contains:
Magic Drops 30ml
Sea-lit 100ml

*Waterproof Makeup refers to a formulation that resists moisture and stays in place when exposed to water.

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Mridula Gaje

Amazing product